Scheduling an Alarm System Evaluation

To schedule an evaluation of your alarm system it is quite helpful to have some basic information:
  • What company manufactured the panel? Ademco, DSC, GE, ITI etc) (This usually can be found in the main control box)
  • What is the model number of the panel (This usually can be found in the main control box)
  • Is the alarm system monitored now?
  • Do you know who installed the system? 
  • Is the system currently operational? Do you have codes to turn the alarm on and off?
  • Do you have any literature, users manual or installation manual for the alarm system?

Although it is helpful to have some or all of this information it is not critical to looking at the system. I prefer to know what you have so I can do a certain amount of research and preparation prior to visiting. On many of the older alarm panels I like to bring manuals if you do not have them.

To schedule an appointment please call me at :

(206) 393-0677

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