Micra Application Notes

Can be used:
  • Vinyl windows
  • Vinyl doors
  • Fiberglass windows
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Wood windows
  • Wood doors
  • Aluminum windows (if antenna extends outside aluminum   framing)
  • Aluminum doors (if antenna extends outside aluminum ----framing)
Can’t be used:
  • Steel windows
  • Steel doors

The reed switch runs horizontally across the face of the Micra. If you are using a magnet at a right angle to the face of the Micra it should line up with one of the two poles. If you use the magnet supplied with the Micra the oval face of the switch lines up with the oval shape of the magnet.

NOTE!!  Do not cut the antenna, Do not wad the antenna into a ball. You can fold the antenna in half but it cuts down the range. For best performance extend the antenna fully.

The  Micra was developed as a solution for builders who wanted not only to have security sensors integrated inside of the window frame without voiding the window warranty, but also to eliminate the high cost of pre-wiring every window and door in the home for security. Windows are subjected to rigorous manufacturing testing procedures to insure their ability to withstand air and water infiltration. When a security company drills through the window frame to connect their hardwire sensor to the security pre-wiring, they are usually voiding the warranty of the window and providing a potential means for water to enter the wall through the drilled hole. This can lead to water damage and mold and quite possibly invite litigation. Windows are now being factory pre-engineered for the iON Micra; Several manufacturers are currently pre-drilling holes for the Micra. A cap is installed that is simply removed to install the sensor. Since the hole was engineered into the window by the manufacturer there is no window warranty issue.

Features and Benefits of a Micra sensor installation:  

• Builder saves money by eliminating expensive pre-wiring for every window and door.

• Wireless system eliminates the difficulties that occur when someone forgets to wire a critical opening or the pre-wiring is damaged during construction.

• The original window warranty remains intact when no additional holes are drilled through the outer surface ofthe window frame. 

• Window integrity is preserved and potential litigation over water intrusion is greatly reduced.

• Additional windows, doors, or detached buildings can be added to the system (up to a 1000 foot range) very inexpensively. 

• Since windows and doors do not need to be pre-wired, scheduling for low voltage pre-wire is not required; wiring for keypad, phone and siren can be easily done by the general electrical contractor.
Unlike older wireless sensors that were bulky and obtrusive, the  Micra is concealed within the window frame for pleasing esthetics.
  • The  5800Micra sensor is compatible with all Honeywell’s  5800 series wireless receivers.
  • The Micra-G and the Plunger-G are compatible with  current ITI and GE receivers (Which include receivers used with CaddX, Elk and HAI controls).
  • The Micra-D and Plunger-D are compatible with DSC 433Mhz receivers.
  • The Micra-HAI and the Plunger-HAI are compatible with HAI 433Mhz receivers.
  • The Micra-2GIG and Plunger-2GIG are compatible with 2GIG 345Mhz receivers.
• Honeywell is the world leader in wireless home security. Most professional alarm installers are already familiar and work with the Honeywell 5800 series protocol devices.
• The  Micra has 10 year battery life which is almost twice the lifetime of the older, bigger, and bulkier wireless sensors used in most alarm systems today. The 1620 lithium battery is 1/3 the cost of the batteries used in the larger bulkier wireless devices.
• Although the cost of the wireless sensor is greater than the cost of the wired sensor, the overall cost of the two systems is comparable. Installation time and installation cost are dramatically reduced by utilizing a window that is pre-engineered for the wireless  Micra sensor.
Man hours and labor are replaced by technology. Just as the garage door, the television and the laptop computer no longer need wired interfaces, the new  Micra sensor allows us to utilize advanced wireless technology for the home security system in place of wires run to each door and window.