Hardwired Cameras

Cameras are a great deterrent as well as wonderful peace of mind.  Our Philosophy is to be more proactive by identifying crime before there is a break in and notifying you first while providing you the necessary tools via our app to report directly to the police.

Nationally as cities aggressively move towards responding to only "verified alarms" or "crimes in progress" it is imperative to embrace new technology that actually addresses this problem with a viable solution.  Blockwatch's App is a community based monitoring tool which you will read more about throughout this site that enables a homeowner or business owner to verify their own alarm then report directly to 911.

We are now looking to integrate that technology with several camera manufacturers both wireless and hardwired systems.  When it comes to reporting a crime in progress the more eyes you can have looking out for your home or business the better.  Cameras are a great tool to help you do exactly that.

By reporting a crime in progress you eliminate false alarm fines and fees as well as get a much faster police response.

For more information on our Blockwatch App or a free consultation/estimate on a Hardwired or Wireless Camera Systems please call Travis at 253-347-7332 or email at travis@blockwatchalarm.com

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Hardwired 24/7 Recording camera solution?  We use only the best equipment by HIKVISION using 3mp/4mp HD Cameras.

We do residential surveillance systems as well as commercial from small 4 camera systems to large enterprise solutions with 30+ cameras Systems installed and warrantied

Call Travis for a detailed estimate 253-347-7332 or email travis@blockwatchalarm.com

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