The Smallest Wireless Security Sensors

Providing you with the world's smallest wireless door and window security sensors.  Designed and engineered to integrate into door and window frames to remain completely hidden from view.  Easy to install, no hard wiring, and they don't distract from the aesthetics of your home.

Micra and Plunger Key Features:
  • Aesthetic — Fully concealed wireless sensor
  • Simple to specify — Compatible with current DSC, GE, HAI and 2GIG Wireless receivers
  • Easy to install — Only a drill, a 3/4 inch Forstner bit, and a 1/4 inch wood bit (for antenna insertion) are required
  • Composition — Micro-processor, Micro-transmitter, Lithium Battery, Optimized Antenna for superior zone signal
  • Long-life Battery — 5+ years (average rating)

A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of a room, door or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, the Ion Security Plunger is a door security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.

How It Works

The Micra: The window sash sensor triggers an alarm whenever the contact between it and its corresponding surface mount magnet is severed.

The Plunger: A captive magnet within the Plunger activates a reed switch when the plunger is depressed.