Featured on Seattle Real Estate Radio

Seattle Real Estate Radio on Home Security
The guys over at Seattle Real Estate Radio recently sought me out to give them the expert security insight for homeowners to protect and secure their home. Listen in as we discuss everything home security.
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14 Reasons not to Get an Alarm System DEBUNKED

debunking 14 myths of why not to get a home alarm system
Recently we came across a web posting that gave 14 reasons why you shouldn’t get an alarm system. I found this the perfect opportunity to dispel some myths and address some concerns with home security systems.
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How to Feel Safe in Your Home

How to have personal protection while you sleep with a home alarm system
Burglary protection is important, but what about feeling safe while you are in your home? The Alarm Professor covers exactly how to protect yourself while you are at home using your home alarm system.
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The Three Key Points to Detect any Home Burglary

The best way to detect a home burglary before it happens as cheaply as possible
When it comes to detecting a home burglary before it happens, there are three key points you absolutely must take advantage of. I show you exactly where they are, and what alarm sensor to use for each.
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Everything You Need to Know about Wireless Door and Window Sensors

All about window and door wireless sensors for your home alarm system
Bulky and blocky alarm sensors for your home security system are a thing of the past. The Alarm Professor gives you everything you need to know about wireless door and window sensors for any system.
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An Affordable Home Security Monitoring Solution

Our own affordable solutions to home alarm monitoring
We couldn't find the right, affordable solution to today's home alarm monitoring needs, so we created one that puts the control back in your hands.
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Home Monitoring Industry's Dirty LIttle Secret #2

The home security monitoring industry's broken promise of police response.
After revealing the alarm monitoring industry's first dirty little secret, the Alarm Professor goes on to reveal the second, more surprising dirty little secret that will make you rethink what you are even paying for.
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Alarm Monitoring Industry's Dirty Little Secret #1

The real reason why alarm monitoring costs are so high and the home security system so cheap. The industry is raking in massive profits from this dirty little secret.
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The Rising Tide of False Alarm Fines You Will be Charged

The rising tide of false alarm fines for your home security system
False alarm fines are lurking, waiting for your next alarm signal sent to your alarm monitoring company. The rising tide of false alarm fines and user fees are being increasingly levied on homeowners and alarm companies across the nation. Almost any alarm sent to your alarm company and reported to the police can be considered a false alarm. And for user fees it may not even matter if it is a false alarm or not. I break it all down for you in this post and video.
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Don't Get Fooled by Your Next Alarm Repair Company

Alarm repair gone wrong in evaluation fees and bad practices
Disreputable alarm service companies may try to take advantage of you when your home security breaks. Theresa had an alarm evaluation that went terribly wrong. I tell you what to expect and what to do when you've been burned.
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