Blockwatch Alarm FAQ

Q:  Can I buy an alarm system without monitoring?
A:  Yes - Blockwatch Alarm home security systems can be purchased and run without monitoring. For most all other companies you can't, primarily because they want the high cost long term monitoring contract. Blockwatch monitoring, however, is simple and gives you control, while reducing the cost to only $20 per month and no contracts.

Q:  Do I need Blockwatch Alarm Monitoring?
A:  No, however, our monitoring is only $20 per month and terms are month to month, so you can cancel at any time. It is a service that notifies you and your neighbors the moment the alarm is triggered, which is far more effective for emergency response if needed, but avoids the cost and hassle of an offsite central monitoring station.

Q:  Are your alarm systems warrantied?
A:  Yes-DSC is the manufacturer and they come with a warranty.

Q:  Does Blockwatch install?
A:  Yes-Currently only in the greater Seattle area, but we will be expanding as we find quality professionals to install in other areas of the US. However, feel free to call us and one of our knowledgeable US based team members will handle your questions with care.

Q:  Can I install it myself DIY?
A:  Yes-absolutely, that is the beauty of the two systems we chose to be powered by Blockwatch Alarm from DSC-It doesn’t get any easier!  It is even a wireless system, eliminating the need for complicated wiring throughout your home. We also provide short videos that guide you step by step through the installation.

Q:  I have a system, can you re-program my system so I can be powered by Blockwatch?
A:  Great question and YES, we can reprogram almost every system on the market today.

Q:  I have a system but I think I have a monitoring contract already, can I cancel and switch?
A:  YES-If you are currently monitored and you want to reduce your costs it is important to look carefully at your present monitoring agreement.  The monitoring agreements at their high rates are very important to these companies and they are not about to do anything voluntarily to assist you in leaving them as a monitored customer.  Blockwatch doesn’t encourage or support any effort to breach or break a contract between you and your alarm company. We do encourage you to understand the terms and your rights under any contract.
Look for the following information in your monitoring agreement:
Term of agreement: What is the expiration date of the agreement? --
Notification for termination: How much notice is required before the end of the agreement in order for the agreement to not automatically renew? Does the contract provide for canceling the service? 
Penalty for termination: If you cancel your service before the end of the contract period is there a penalty? What is it?
Ownership of Equipment: Who owns the equipment? Will the Alarm Company remove the equipment? If the monitoring agreement doesn’t stipulate who owns the equipment, you own it.
If you don’t have an alarm agreement, write to the Alarm Company and give them a thirty day notice of your wish to cancel their service. State in the letter that you will consider the cancellation accepted if you receive no written response by the end of the thirty days. Send your letter return receipt requested so that you have proof they received your correspondence. (Document all correspondence and actions you take). Ask them to put any explanations or clarifications in writing. If they indicate that you have a contract that requires more of you, have them send you a copy of that contract with an explanation of the requirements. Always write your letters in such a manner that if they fail to respond they are agreeing with your position. Also make sure that you always give them a deadline date for a response. 
If you feel you need assistance in communicating with your alarm company or alarm monitoring provider, feel free to contact us for assistance.
There is nothing to be gained by alienating your present alarm company, but as the customer you certainly have the right to question them and receive information that is pertinent to your alarm service and monitoring agreement. 

Q:  Can I get discounts if our neighborhood buys multiple systems powered by Blockwatch Alarm community monitoring?
A:  YES of course!  We offer discounts on 3 or more systems purchased. We also offer monthly Blockwatch Alarm monitoring discounts in $3 increments once you refer your 3rd neighbor.

Q:  How long have the founders been in the industry?
A:  We have over 100 years of combined experience in the alarm and monitoring industries as principals of both for 35 years.  We recognized that the industry is changing and the technology exists to reduce the central station cost and automate their processes. And at the same time, we are able to empower the home or business owner with smarter security and verified response. With verified security response, police jurisdictions find value in responding while not wasting anyone’s time or money.

Q:  If I am a Blockwatch Alarm customer do I still get my home insurance discounts?
A:  YES, they usually give $3-5 per month but contact your insurance company as discounts vary.

Q: If I am not monitored by a traditional central station and I am a Blockwatch Alarm customer will the police or fire department still respond to my system?
A:  YES, Since your system calls you and your neighbors, you decide to call 911 if an event such as a burglary is in progress or a suspicion of a burglary is apparent.  The key to having the police respond is having an alarm event at your home verified by you or your neighbor then the response is prompt and no fees are issued.  Fire will always respond promptly if this is part of your service.

Q:  What if none of my neighbors are home during the day?
A:  Since the fire alarms are getting sent directly to the central station (if you opt for that service) then a fire is protected 24 hours a day.  In the event that no neighbors are home after trying to reach all of them, the system can pass the signal to a central station. You can also choose to check your property or choose to call 911 yourself. You have a very flexible decision tree on the Blockwatch Alarm App.

Q:  What is the optimum size of a Blockwatch Alarm community?
A:  Good question-each neighborhood is different but we feel that 3-6 homes is a perfect size community. They can be as large or small as you like.  Many of our Blockwatch communities have 20 or more homes and one has over 100 homes!

Q:  Does Blockwatch offer video cameras and video monitoring?
A:  Yes, we offer a very slick wireless indoor/outdoor camera with Apps!

Q:  Does Blockwatch offer home automation services such as turning off and on your alarm system, lighting, thermostat, door locks, etc?
A:  Our system is simple to install, use, and highly effective in accomplishing a smarter and low cost security system. The folks that offer all those bells and whistles are charging a pretty penny for it. Our experience tells us that they are fun to show your friends but seldom are they particularly helpful for practical use. We do offer customers the ability to turn on and off their alarm system with a keyfob or a smartphone app. You'll simply need to have our alarm system that communicates via the CELL PHONE towers (GSM), which our alarm systems available for purchase do.  

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