Tired of Overpriced Contracts, Poor Customer Service, and Slow Police Response?

Add to nearly any home security system. Alert yourself and the people you know and trust the instant a break-in occurs. No false alarm fines or Fees. Contract Free!

All at only $20 a month.

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Use nearly any alarm system with Blockwatch Alarm Monitoring


Affordable Home Alarm Monitoring You Control, Powered by People You Know and Trust.

We believe in the power of the people we know and trust watching our backs. When something happens in your home, the people you choose get notified instantly by our community app chats, text, call, or email. That includes you!

Neighbors look out the window. Fiends and family stop by to check on things and call in verified reports.

You feel safe returning to your home. You get alerts instantly, ensuring you know what's happening in your home while you are out. No one wants to be surprised by a wide open door or broken windows from a break-in they never knew happened or when.

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Home security with the people you know and trust

Get Alerted Instantly by Community App Chats, Text, Or Phone Calls

App Chats, Text alerts, or phone calls for emergencies to anyone you choose. Emails for non-emergencies like battery warnings or text messages when house cleaners arm or disarm. You choose with a simple online account.

Eliminate False Alarm Fees, and Increase Police Response

Police are ignoring home alarms as a non-emergency, and the cities are charging false alarm fees. Your neighbor calling in a verified burglary changes everything.

Low Cost and No Contracts

It's that simple. As low as $20 a month with absolutely no contracts.

Insurance Discounts

With Fire Alarm monitoring active, you can get insurance discounts on your home, and sometimes even your car.


Protected by the Blockwatch Network

The Blockwatch Network constantly monitors your home alarm, and sends out alerts instantly. No more waiting around for the central monitoring station to respond to your home alarm.

1. When your home security alarm is triggered, the Blockwatch Network takes the signal into the cloud to process the signal.

2. The Blockwatch Network looks at your preferences, and then routes the signal to the right people in the right form - apps, text, call, or email.

3. The people you know and trust get the alert, telling them what happened and where so they can respond. And, of course, you also get the alert in the form you chose. And fire emergencies go directly to emergency dispatch.

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Blockwatch Alarm is Ideal For:

Homes and Apartments

Any home and apartment benefits from an alarm system, and even more so when monitored by the people you know and trust. We can get you set up with Blockwatch Alarm monitoring whether you have an existing system, or need to install a new home security system.

Condominium Communities

Groups do even better on Blockwatch Alarm. Getting Blockwatch Alarm monitoring as a group means you are all looking out for each other, and can instantly alert each other when something happens in a unit. We can help get your condo community set up and working together.

Crime Watch Neighborhoods

Communities that already have a Block Watch or other Crime Watch program in place benefit immensely. Blockwatch Alarm is another tool to keep your neighborhood safe. Blockwatch Alarm homes can notify anyone of a break-in, including Block Watch Captains community guards or anyone wanting to help.

Pre-existing Alarm Systems

Buy a home with an alarm system already installed? Get it monitored with Blockwatch Alarm instead of sinking into a contract. We'll set it up for you to use Blockwatch Alarm monitoring. You'll be safe and secure before you know it!

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